Barbara Bogaev

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  1. retro kim
    June 12, 2010 @ 2:56 pm

    What a fascinating tale from the dark side of early L.A. family life!

    I don’t know what it is about this tiny part of Los Angeles, but kids often had problems along Bellevue Avenue.

    In October 25, 1895, the Pasadena and Pacific company opened an electric train running from downtown towards Santa Monica, with one section along newly graded Bellevue.  By December 12, parents were bemoaning the “strange fascination” the railbed had for local children, and noting that they didn’t want to play anywhere else. Two children had been hit by trains, and engineers frequently had to stop their cars and pull children off the tracks before they could continue west. Apparently some of the more daring children had taken to sitting under a small bridge and poking their heads up between the ties when they saw the train coming, (hopefully) pulling them down to avoid decapitation. Police Chief Glass announced that if the parents of Bellevue Ave. could not control their brats, he would be making arrests.

    In January 1895, the body of a still warm, unwashed newborn girl was found abandoned beneath a bush on Bellevue near Edgeware by a passing sewer worker. It was suspected that the Lying In “Hospital” had something to do with the grim discovery, but that was never proven.

    And of course it was inside the Bellevue Arms over Christmas 1927 that 12-year-old kidnap victim Marion Parker was slain by Edward Hickman (aka “Donald Evans” and “The Fox”).

    Nice view all right… of dead children!


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